Monday, 28 May 2018

English is a language not a subject

"I love to talk, write in English, that doesn't mean I hate my native language. I love and respect Bengali."

This article has been written focused on people who learn English as a subject which is mandatory for completing course.

I live in Bangladesh. When I need to communicate with someone as daily requirements, I need to talk in Bengali although lots of people can speak in English. Every people communicates with his/her native language when h/she is in own country also talking with people from same country.

When we go to abroad, how will we communicate with them? That's why we need a global languge and it is English. People from different country can communicate with English. They may also communicate with other language. For example, I can communicate with Indian people with Hindi as I know how to talk in Hindi. But when I will go to China, how will I communicate with them. Of course, I need to talk with the global language.

Let's have a look on the situation of English in our country. This may vary in different country with non native english.

In Bangladesh, we are used to have 2 subjects in secondary school on English, English 1st Paper and English 2nd Paper. 1st Paper is supposed to be on literature and 2nd paper is grammar. We need both when we talk or write in English, specially when we are talking about writing proper English, we need both.

But are those two subjects enough to learn proper English? Also, is the way we teach our student correct? 
When I was in class six, I was lucky to have a teacher named "Rajib Sir" whom I want to thank. He was one of the best teacher in my life. However, we learned only how we can get 80% mark in our examination. Our teacher also would be happy if we got 80% mark. Is the purpose of English having good marks? Or learning english language so that we can communicate with other people? I doubt our teacher know the reason of those 2 mandatory subjects. 

Some may tell now our English medium is okay with this purpose as you have to talk in English there. But what about Bengali? I have seen some people who even don't talk in Bengali properly. Come on, guys. Bengali is our native language. Of course, we must have the ability of talking properly in Bengali. (Doesn't mean everybody)

So, what is the objective of learning English? We need to have knowledge on English for communicate with people from others country. Most of the students who get 90% mark on English don't know how to talk in English or how to write proper English cause they focused on having marks only. That's why they never tried to practice English and learn it as a language rather they had tried to memorize and cut a good result.
I strongly believe that if we try to learn English as a language and if our teacher can understand the purpose of the 2 subjects, students will be able to overcome this problem and we will have some "buddy".

Disclaim: I have written this article only for self development in English. There is no other intention. I don't blame anybody for it. We are used to this system actually.