Friday, 18 January 2019

Writings is an art

We often need to write English for the sake of keep communicating with people from around the world. It's not a hard part of the communication but when you gonna communicate officially with someone for the purpose of your business or whatever, you owe to use appropriate English. You must ensure an error free and fluent English. In order to have an appropriate English, one should follow some strategy of writing quality English. Here, I will share some tactics which may help you grow your English proficiency.
1. Learn new words
To keep up with fluent and a fresh and clean English, you must have learnt new words. Only having the meaning of new words will not keep you up learning fluent English, rather you have to learn the various meaning of a single word and have to use those words in various sentences. A word can be appropraite for a sentence while the same word will not be appropriate for another. Youu must have to learn where to use which word.
2. Keep practising
"Practise makes a man perfect." Start writing today with whatever you know, it will boost keep you up learning. You may commit some mistakes but a proof reading will remove those.
3. Follow someone
For boosting your skill up, you can follow someone who have decent knowledge in English. Read his writings a couple of times.

I will share more later when I will be available.